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Miniis Rechargeable Plug in Portable Air Pump Long Balloon Magic Clown Pam Belon CD-607 CD-606 Double Layer Balloons
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 Simply hold any long latex balloon over the tip, push, and inflate within seconds!

Weight CD606-1.2KG, CD607 1.4KG
CD606: Must plug in with power supply

Color Black

CD607 Rechargeable * Current: 5A ,discharge 4-5 hours for 600 balloons



*Power supply must be AC 220V,50HZ


*This pump is intented to balloons.Extended operation over 4 hours can overheat and damage the pump


*Keep the pump out of reach of children


*Do not obstruct the inflation port&nozzles,keep them ventilated all the time


*Choose the suitable nozzle to reduce the working time of pump when inflating the balloons.


Use For Long Balloons , modelling balloons ,Twisting Balloons, Latex Double Layer Balloons



*To reduce the risk,contact qualified electrician to repair or replace the damage cord immediately.

*Carefully following the instructions when inflating the balloons.Never exceed recommended        

pressure,otherwise,serious injury might be caused by the bursting.

*Never leave the pump unattended while the pump is in use.

*Do not keep the pump in wet condition.

*Never allow sand,small rocks,etc,to be sucked into inflation port&nozzles when using the pump.

*Never look inside or point inflation part & nozzles toward your eyes when the pump is working.

*Don't disconnect the pump with wet hands and without to force the supply cord.

*Don't move the pump with aid of supply cord.

*Use the pump only in the described manner.

*If the pump is not used,please turn off.

*Don't use or stop the use if the pump is damaged,especially the supply cord and the case.

*Don't immerse the pump in liquid.

*A periodically maintenance of the pump is necessary.

*The pump don't put down near hot surfaces e.g. hotplate,oven etc.,because the material can smelt.

*The pump should not be impeded by covering the wentiation openings with items,such as newspapers,table-colths,curtains,etc.

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