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Miniis Elegant Valentine's Day I Love Your 1314 Happy Anniversary Decoration Romantic Surprise Balloons Set
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Application: it is widely used in wedding room, wedding decoration, party decoration, children's toys, etc. It is the most ideal decoration balloon for party celebration, and other balloons have better effect.


If  Want Balloons  Fly  Will Need To Extra Purchase  Fill Your Own Helium Balloon Gas Tank 

Or Purchase Blloons Stand So Ballooons can Stand WITHOUT HELIUM GAS  Ballooons Stand     
(Click  the orange font to buy )

Balloons can be used anywhere, anytime and anyone at any age. Everyone loves balloons. Bring colors to parties with awesome balloon art. Use it to liven up the party venue and win hearts of the friend and family by giving out balloons.

Not inlcude helium gas If u want to balloons fly  need to extra order helium gas!

Package Include :
16 inch wordling Foil Balloons 

All Latex Balloons Show in Photo

Set 1

 18" Star Balloons  x 5
18”Heart Balloons  x 2
Latex Balloons x 45
Confetti balloon x15

Set 2 

26 Inch  Ring Foil Balloons x1
32inch Moon  Foil Balloons x1
5 Inch Star Foil Blloons x 2
10 Inch Star Foil Blloons x 2
10 Inch Love Foil Blloons x 2
Latex Balloons x34
18 Inch Star Foil Blloons x4
Garland Balloons Chain x 1


Set 3

 22"  4D balloon X 3   (2 Rose Gold , 1 Gradian)
Clear Balloon X 20
Gold BalloonX 30


Set 4

I LOVE YOU 1314 X 1 SET  
 22"  4D balloon X 3   (2 Rose Gold , 1 Gradian)
Clear Balloon X 20
Gold BalloonX 30

Special note

  • Product specifications (due to different measurement methods, there will be errors in the size, please refer to the actual product)
  • Aluminum film balloon must be slowly inflated, can be used to fill up to 90%, and then slowly inflated, so as not to burst.
  • If there are two layers of aluminum film sticky, be sure to stop aeration, gently open the two layers of aluminum film with your hands and then aerate, otherwise it is easy to damage.
  • Sharp objects, dirty surfaces, direct sunlight and excessive pressure can damage and burst the spheres


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