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Miniis Disposable Helium Tank Make Your Own Balloons Bouquet Up To 50 Helium Balloons Gas Tank Balloons Compact Size Foil Balloons Gas
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Compact and smaller tank compared to 22L helium tank

Fill up to 45 - 50 pc of 9/10 " balloons

West Malaysia Only/ NO shipping to SABAH SARAWAK

Compact and smaller tank compared to 22L helium tank

West Malaysia Only/ NO shipping to SABAH SARAWAK

Balloon Capacity Depends Balloon Size and Material and the way u fill
18 inch foil balloon 24-26 pcs
12 inch latex balloon 25 - 28 pcs
9 - 10 inch latex balloon 45-50 pcs
bobo balloons 18 inch 12-14 pcs

Package (Note free ribbon only given to like this product and follow us *PRINT SCREEN & PM TO US while stock last )

Balloons Ring may extra purchase

Note: if u need order Tank+Foil Balloons , pease pm us to confirm the set of foil balloons availble and the selection of details

The disposable helium filled-tank is perfect for all occasions such as wedding, birthday party , graduation ceremony , anniversary , full moon celebration , school events , opening ceremony and other events at workplace or office.

Comes with an easy to use nozzle and carry handles for easy transport. It is lightweight and can take it to the event site.

No more hassle of transporting the pre-inflated balloons.You can have the party anytime and anywhere!

Size of the box: 25 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm


1 Move the cap
2 Fix the filling adaptor
3 open the valve of tank
4 make the balloon fix on the gas filling adaptor
5 to lft the gas filling adaptor up to frill . Please note move up and down to fill
6. Keep the lock tight when not in use, or the helium will leak

NOTE: not suiteble for latex balloons size smaller than 10 inch / foil balloons size smaller than 18 inch

- How to make helium balloons , How to buy Helium Balloons

Fill Your Own Helium Balloons

- It dries the latex balloon to form a barrier coating that helps hold in helium

- This is a product which can be used to extend float time significantly. Its a treatment, a bit like hand soap, for latex balloons and requires a dispenser pump to use. It works by coating the inside of the balloon creating a membrane to prevent helium escaping so quickly.
- Its a great product but can be tricky, not to mention messy, to use. We strongly recommend practicing with Hi-Float before your event. If you dont completely coat the inside of the balloon then the helium will still escape as normal.

- Each balloon can be pressed 1-2 times. 100ml can be applied to 50 pcs of 10-inch balloons

Normally, the floating time of latex balloon after filling helium gas is 4-8 hours, and the floating time can be extended x 5-25 times after using protective fluid

How to use

1 Remove the buckle

2 Press it several times to fill the liquid out of the mouth

3 Pull the balloons out of the spout, Press 1-2 Times

4 Rub the balloon gently . apply the protective liquid evenly to the innder wall of the balloons (improtant : Do not apply liquid on the balloons mouth)

5 Attached to he helium tank and inflate. Knotted well

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What's in the box

1 x Disposable Helium Tan