Miniis Minimalist White DIY Baby Handprint, Footprint Picture Frame Kit Simple White 宝宝脚印手足印泥手模制作胎毛满月纪念品
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Better than standard baby picture frames or handprint kits in basic colors, we offer an exclusive color range for both boys and girls, including baby pink, baby blue

  •  Soft, Nontoxic Clay
  •  Best Baby Shower or Maternity Gift , Memory Maker for Growing Infants and Toddlers – Soft, Nontoxic Clay
  • EASY TO USE CLAY – The soft, environmentally safe, nontoxic clay is gentle for infants, newborns, toddlers and children of all ages. Simply place their hands or feet in the ready-made clay, capture their tiny features, and wash them off.
  • GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Heading to a baby shower or maternity party? These make a great gift for expectant mothers, kids with small children or parents with newborns. Get one for yourself and one for a friend or loved one!
  • Age 0-3 Years
  •  Size: H 28.4cm x L 33.4cm X W 3.3cm

1.Open the package and remove the frame. Separate its components.

2.Make sure that you've washed your hands thoroughly.

3.Open the clay packages; and make sure not to lay them down on clean surface since it might accumulate dirt and other substances.

4 Knead the clay about 2- 3 minute to make it soft

5.Place the ball of clay into the board

6.Spread out the clay starting at the center of the frame
(Tip: Use a rolling pin or drinking glass from your kitchen to roll out the clay!)

7.Gently place your baby’s feet, hands or both in the clay. Press down and release.
(Tip: Slightly wiggling your baby’s hands or feet can help make an imprint)
If dissatisfied u may restart from step 4

8. Add the decoration into board together
Note: The clay must air dry for three days before you can assemble. Place the frame in a cool dry place to finish drying.

9.It's now time to assemble! Remember: Clay must be completely dry.

10.Assemble the protective  acrylic glass.

Tip:Wrap any leftover clay in a sealed air-tight bag. You must use this for minor cracks that
you see during the drying process.
If the clay is too hard to knead, add a small amount of olive oil
until it’s easier and smoother to work with.


  • NOTE:Inkpad don't be too thick,take the hand / foot print when the baby is asleep, mud clay will need to dried 5-7 days (avoid direct sunlight, hang on ventilation space), after that paint the gold paint, cover with frame after dry
  • Within fullmoon -100days can crate double hands and feet,after 100 days -3 Year suggent single hand and foot


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