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10 pcs / 20 pcs Metallic 12" inch Latex Shiny Chrome Balloons, Multicolor Silver Gold Red Green Blue Rose Gold
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Attention & Warning: The color will be better after inflation. Please avoid overfilling the balloon, sunburn, overheat, pointed object and be splashed by the acidic liquids such as orange juice. This balloons set is suitable for children over 8 years old

- Color:Silver Gold Red Green Blue, Rose Gold
- Size 12 inch
- Package 10 pcs / 20 pcs
- Good Quality - Balloons are made of high quality natural latex material with no toxic chemical composition, safe for people
- What to Fill With: balloons can be filled with air, helium gas. Helium gas can make balloons float up
- Color : red blue green silver rosegold purple metal color chrome color balloons

Special note

- Product specifications (due to different measurement methods, there will be errors in the size, please refer to the actual product)
- Aluminum film balloon must be slowly inflated, can be used to fill up to 90%, and then slowly inflated, so as not to burst.
- If there are two layers of aluminum film sticky, be sure to stop aeration, gently open the two layers of aluminum film with your hands and then aerate, otherwise it is easy to damage.
- Sharp objects, dirty surfaces, direct sunlight and excessive pressure can damage and burst the spheres

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metal ballons x 10 pcs  / 20 pcs , depends order